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People & Culture

Our people define our success. We value the diversity of background, culture, experiences, skills and views that they offer. That is why we create an inclusive working environment where we treat employees of all levels with respect and dignity, help them develop their potential to the fullest and encourage bonding and engagement through various activities such as teambuilding events, department gatherings and year-end parties.

Our strong business foundation has been built on our core values and corporate philosophy of doing business the right way. We seek people who aspire to embrace these values as they fulfill their role.

SC Values

These values embody the nine core behaviors based on our Management Principles and Activity Guidelines expected of all members of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

1. Integrity and Sound Management

To comply with laws and regulations, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

2. Integrated Corporate Strength

To create no boundaries within the organisation; always to act with a company-wide perspective.

3. Vision

To create a clear vision of the future, and to communicate to share it within the organization.

4. Change and Innovation

To accept and integrate diversity in values and behavior, and to embrace change as an opportunity for action.

5. Commitment

To initiate, own and achieve organizational objectives.

6. Enthusiasm

To act with enthusiasm and confidence, and to motivate others through such action.

7. Speed

To make quick decisions and act promptly.

8. Human Development

To fully support the development of others’ potential.

9. Professionalism

To achieve and maintain high levels of expertise and skills.

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