Overseas Aluminium Smelting and Rolled Aluminium Sheet

In 2009, Press Metal built the first ever aluminium smelting plant in Malaysia – the Phase 1 project with an aluminium smelting capacity of 120,000 metric ton per annum.

In 2012, Press Metal completed the Phase 2 smelter with a larger capacity of 320,000 metric ton per annum and has subsequently started the development of Phase 3 plant with another 320,000 metric ton per annum. Upon completion of Phase 3, the total smelting capacity will increase to 760,000 metric ton per annum. We are in the position to market aluminium ingots and billets to various customers in the Asian market. At BSL in Australia, more than half a million metric ton of aluminium is produced every year. Moving forward, we will further increase our participation in upstream operations to enhance our aluminium value chain.

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