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Social, Logistics & Transportation Infrastructure

Our business unit is engaged in a wide array of infrastructure-related businesses where we contribute to industrial and social development.

In social infrastructure, we are advancing renewable energy businesses that are focused on wind and solar power generation in Japan and other countries, electricity retailing in Japan, industrial infrastructure businesses that are mainly involved with industrial facilities, and water infrastructure businesses.

In logistics & insurance, apart from our logistics services encompassing shipping, customs clearance and delivery, we arrange various insurance contracts in addition to developing and operating industrial parks.

In transportation systems, we have a long history of supporting progress in many countries by carrying out a broad range of railway-related businesses. These include railway system turnkey projects; supplying various types of equipment including rolling stock; and providing maintenance services.

Strategic Fields

We contribute to the raising of living standards and emerging demands in the region through the introduction of state-of-the-art Japanese technologies related to environmental protection and industrial development.

We are actively involved in both investment and trading in the field of environmental business like water management, wind power and other utilities. In addition, we provide solutions for sky and space fields such as air-traffic management, satellite and satellite related technologies.

We are aiming to expand our business field in Social Infrastructure business by introducing various unique Japanese technologies that support sustainable development throughout this region.

In Asia and Oceania, one of our key strengths is providing integrated industrial park and logistics services. We take pride in enabling enhanced levels of infrastructure for manufacturers operating in our industrial parks in Indonesia (EJIP), Vietnam (TLIP/TLIP II/TLIP III), Philippines (FPIP), Myanmar (MJTD) and India (MIPC).

Manufacturers in our industrial parks also enjoy higher levels of full-line logistics services provided by Sumisho Global Logistics (SGL) group of companies. We operate logistics services in Thailand (SGL Thailand), Indonesia (SGL Indonesia), Vietnam (Dragon Logistics) and Myanmar (Thilawa Global Logistics). In addition, we started Indomobil Summit Logistics (ISL) in Indonesia to provide auto manufacturers with Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and distribution of completed vehicles.

Leveraging our extensive track record as a contractor, organiser and finance arranger, we help to develop environmentally friendly railway transportation infrastructure, which contributes to the easing of traffic congestion.

We offer diversified services related to the rehabilitation, upgrading and maintenance of railway systems, adding value to the railway industry.


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