Our Streght

Our Strengths

Our competitive strengths are key drivers of our business success. These strengths are a culmination of extensive experience in a wide range of businesses and expertise across a global network. They enable us to respond to the varied and sophisticated needs of our customers in a changing world, every time and on time.

With a tradition of integrity based on Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy, we have cultivated the trust of our customers over decades. This is the most fundamental and valuable asset of our business.

We have direct access to a vast network of more than 900 group companies from 129 locations in 66 countries. Combining global expertise and local wisdom, we offer the right resources at the right time at the right place promptly and securely.

We enjoy close and multi-faceted relations with over 100,000 business partners around the world across all industries. In every country where we operate, we establish strategic alliances with local partners who are instrumental to our continuous growth.

Our team of professional, enterprising and resourceful personnel has accumulated extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in diverse business fields. We are always ready to work on tailored and innovative solutions to help our customers find the most competitive strategies.

By leveraging our global network, we provide our customers with accurate and vital information on market conditions and trends.

We excel in business creation and are highly competent in identifying promising new products, developing new markets, organising business operation and projects, and building partnerships.

Combining a risk culture with decades of experience in integrated trading and investment, we have built a robust risk management system that expertly manages diverse risks associated with credit standing, and market and enterprise operation.

We are able to customise financial solutions for the specific needs of our customers such as funding, trade financing, project financing, leasing and so on.

In addition to a wide range of integrated logistics services that efficiently manage cost and transportation, we have the capacity to develop and deploy comprehensive services to match demand and supply such as optimised inventory management systems and just-in-time delivery.

We effectively utilise information and communications technology (ICT) to refine our business models and offer solutions that best enhance operational efficiency, such as developing sophisticated Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems and supporting network business.

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